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Deputy Head of Marketing and Reputation

Associate Professor in Marketing Management

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  • Greenlands campus
  • Marketing & Reputation
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  • By Area: Branding, Reputation, Marketing, Stratgegic Marketing, Marketing Planning, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Management, Customer Experience, Online Customer Experience, Online Shopping, Internet Marketing, Information Search, Online Customer Behaviour, Business Coaching

Susan Rose is an Associate Professor in Marketing Mangement at Henley Business School. She is an experienced educator and marketer teaching strategic marketing, marketing planning, brand management, consumer behaviour and research methods on both MBA, MSc and Executive Education programmes. For several years she was part of the Henley MBA management team and as such gained valuable experience in post-graduate education. Susan is now the Deputy Head of the School of Marketing and Reputation as well as an active researcher in the Henley Centre for Customer Management and the John Madejski Centre for Reputation. Susan is a certified business coach working with managers to support their personal and career development. 

Teaching on: Strategic Marketing - MBA Brand and Reputation Managmenet - MBA Manager as Investigator - MBA and MSc SML Management Challenge - MBA and MSc SML Strategy and Marketing Planning MSc SML Contemporary Consumer Behaviour - MSc SML Managing the Brand - MSc SML Marketing Research - MSc SML MBA Starter Workshop.


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Research supervision:

PhD Supervision Helen Stride: completed 2009 "The relationship between stakeholder values, stakeholder perception of organisation values and stakeholder commitment in the charity sector." DBA Supervision Andrew Dell: 2007 - current "Relative Accuracy of Evaluation of Alternatives in Online Purchasing" DBA Supervision Ramiro Martins 2011 - current "How Defenseless are Local Brands? Identification of Personality Traits that Defend Portuguese Local Brands from Global Brands." DBA Supervision Kathryn Newton "Consumer-Brand Relationships: Does Consumer Personality Moderate the Effect of Brand Personality on the Type of Consumer-Brand Relationship Formed?

Susan has worked with a range of Henley corporate clients in terms of teaching, research, conference events and project supervision. These have included Microsoft, 3M, Deutsche Telekom and more recently ING Bank through delivery of the MSc in Strategic Marketing Leadership; IBM, Vodafone, Ford, BAE Systems, Trader Media Group, and Danfoss, via delivery of Corporate MBAs and Avic of China, The British Dental Association, The Land Registry, Virgin Media and the UK Post Office via Executive Education Programmes. Susan is an active researcher and consultant, particularly in applied research and works with corporate members of the Henley Centre for Customer Management. 

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