RREF Annual Fund Campaign 2016/17

The Annual Fund is about collective philanthropy and alumni coming together to build futures. All donations, at every level, are crucial to our ability to sustain and develop our initiatives. An amount that might seem modest to you would quickly become significant to us when combined with the gifts of others, over the course of a year.

Your gift will support current and future students like John:

A recipient of the RREF Scholarship, John is in his second year. Last summer he spent four weeks on the RREF Access Internship Scheme. He has just attended the RREF Careers Fair where he was able to speak to potential future employers. He has attended Evening Lectures where he gained insights into the industry beyond what is taught in the classroom, and was able to network with recent graduates and directors. And he has just been paired with a mentor as part of the RREF Mentoring Scheme. All of this has happened only a month into term.

Students here at Reading, like John are being offered so many opportunities to develop themselves and their skills. Nowhere else would a student get these opportunities so readily. What is even more remarkable is that without the RREF Scholarship John wouldn’t be able to attend university. Without the Access Internship he wouldn’t have been able to gain good quality work experience because he has no links to the industry. Without the opportunities to meet recent graduates and future employers at the RREF Careers Fair and Evening Lecture Series he wouldn’t be able to build connections in the industry. Without his Mentor he wouldn’t have a dedicated person in the industry committed to him doing well. ThankYou

John is only able to receive all of this thanks to the support we have received from people like you, your fellow alumni. This is why we need your support - so that we can continue to support students like Jack, and so that we can build futures, together.

Contact us

For more information please contact Development at development@rref.reading.ac.uk  or call us on +44 (0) 118 378 4195. 

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